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Your Details
What we will do
What we won't do

What we will do:-

  • We will store your details on a local server. This is a system which resides in our local data centre and is accessible physically and electronically only by Riverside Internet employees.
  • We will keep all your details private and confidential, Riverside Internet staff will only be allowed access to your records on a need to know basis in order to fulfill a job function and provide you with quality service.
  • We will use your information to communicate with you for the purposes of informing you about the progress of any purchases you make from us, the state and availability of the network and any scheduled maintenance that may affect your service.
  • We will pass on to our bank any details needed to complete any financial transaction for your purchases from us, for example details for a direct debit.
  • We will record details of contact you make with us to assist our customer services team provide you with relevant and up to date information.
  • Your phone calls to us may be recorded and kept on file for future reference.
  • We will keep your records on file after you are no longer a customer for the purposes of accounting and law enforcement. The time period we keep your old records on file will be set by the relevant applicable law.
  • Before you become a customer we will ask you to provide evidence of your indentity,¬† that document will only be visually inspected to ensure privacy and security. We will record the method of your identity, e.g. passport, utility bill, driving license, bank statement but not the actual document itself. You will be asked to provide this evidence at the time of the installation survey and before you sign any form of agreement with us.
  • If you die while still an active customer we will only deal with the executors of your estate who will be required to provide¬† evidence of estate executory documents.
  • We may be required by future UK law to record meta data of your use of the Internet, because of the way the law is being enacted we may be barred by law from informing you about the collection of usage metadata.
  • Any meta data collected from your use of the Internet will be encrypted and will not be available to any Riverside Staff whatsoever. Only government appointed officials bearing a relevant legally binding instrument will be given the encrypted meta data and the key to access it.
  • To ensure our (Riverside Internet) integrity and reputation, the electronic key to access the Internet meta data file(s) will be kept in escrow with instructions that it can only be retrieved upon the presentation of a legally binding instrument of law document.

What we won't do:-

We will not sell or pass on your details to any third party except for completing financial transactions with our bank and to comply with any legal requirements in force while we hold your details on our system.

We will not store your details in any cloud server or any third party systems. Should that become necessary for technical reasons we will inform you within reasonable time beforehand.
We will not pass on to any other family member or friend any of your details without your express permission which may be granted via a recorded phone call to our customer service representative or in writing to our mail address detailed in the contact us page of this website